My name is Kate and I’m a fangirl. No, I don’t sit in a dark room in my parent’s basement with unkempt greasy hair and ugly, baggy t-shirts. I own a hairbrush and know how to use it, I like to dress up occasionally and I wear makeup like a regular girl. My parents don’t have a basement, so I had to move out quite a while ago.

Yes, I do spend a lot of time on the internet, but I also have a life outside with a job and flesh and blood friends – you know, the 3D kind, I have a university degree and am working on another one. Books, horses, theatre and traveling are my passions, but I also like to write (yes, fanfiction) and to obsess about my favourite TV show with my online friends. Those aren’t imaginary people. Some of them are merely acquaintances, people with a common interest who I enjoy spending time with, but a select few are real friends who I can count on and who support and encourage me when I need it most. That’s the true beauty of being a fangirl – you have other fangirls who simply understand you, who don’t roll their eyes at you because you cry over a show or a story, who listen when life is being a bitch, let you vent and whine and then make you smile again.

My fangirl friends are my safe place, the people I can truly be myself with without having to hide any part of my crazy nature.

If you want to know more about what it means to be a fangirl, there’s a fantastic blog you should read! http://fangirltherapy.com/


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